Why flutter is so amazing for mobile app developers

Mobile apps are becoming the most integral part of our daily lives and this is the reason the demand for more mobile apps is becoming fierce. 

Mobile apps are becoming the most integral part of our daily lives with the emergence of internet and this is the reason the demand for more mobile apps is becoming fierce.

And this is the reason, both Android and iOS platforms are required to be attended properly to satisfy the requirements of the users. But attending both the platforms and making the apps according to them requires different written code. Therefore, the process from the foreground makes cross-platform development the most appropriate option in the mobile app industry.

With cross-platform app development, it becomes easy for the developers to save time and effort in terms of writing code, testing process , and many more things. And to make things a bit easier and smooth, Flutter entered in the mobile app development company carrying so many benefits in its pocket. 

Before going through the benefits and seeing how flutter is amazing for mobile app developers, let us first strengthen our knowledge and a basic understanding of what flutter is-

What is flutter?

Basically, Flutter is Google’s modern development kit that is designed to build mobile apps for iOS, Android and also for Google Fuchsia, Google’s new platform.

Without further ado, it time to check out the benefits of Flutter for both Mobile app developers and business owners.


  • Hot reload


One of the greatest benefits of Flutter is it’s hot reload. Due to the hot reload, it becomes easy for developers to see all the changes made to the code in the app. Furthermore, it takes a few seconds to see the changes making it easy for the team to add new features along with finding bugs and experimenting, 

Though there are some limitations attached to hot reloading but overall on the broader perspective, the kit is quite beneficial for developers.


  • One code and 2 platforms


With Flutter, it becomes easy for the developers to write one codebase for 2 applications – Android and iOS platforms. Having its own widgets and designs, flutter is independent which implies that you will have the same app for two platforms.


  • Less testing


It is so obvious, having two platforms and one app reduces the testing time. With this, the time required for the quality assurance process becomes faster and more efficient. 

Meanwhile, if there is something different in the app, they are definitely required to be tested separately.


  • Faster apps


One of the most amazing things about Flutter is that the apps with it work in a smooth and faster way without getting hanging or cut while scrolling.  


  • Apt for MVP


If you need an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) for your app to show it to your investors or to enter the market a bit early in order to get feedback and responses from the real users, then Flutter is the right choice for you. Flutter is simply apt when you have little time to show your project.

Though  Flutter is quite beneficial for the developers but it comes with its own disadvantages or we can say some limitations-

  • Support from Google for Flutter is pretty impressive. Furthermore, there are libraries clad with functionalities that are ready to be implemented. As Flutter is still new as compared to other kits, its libraries are not filled with every functionality a developer might ask for. Hence, making the whole task for the developer a bit more time-consuming.
  • Flutter is best for mobile apps but it is not supported by web browsers. When choosing the technology stack you want to work with, it can influence your decision. In addition to it, maximum device flexibility can not be achieved through Flutter.

And there are a few more limitations to flutter app development but it is still widely preferred by app developers for developing the application. 

This is the reason, Flutter is coming up stronger with better upgrade and a library filled with functionality. 

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