Jabra Panacast Review

Nowadays, teleconferencing has become part and parcel of our daily lives thanks to social isolation brought about by Covid 19. Though its origin can be traced back to the latter half of the 1920s, teleconferencing has evolved dramatically to be featured in modern development and stage innovations and growth, especially in the business sector.

Prior to the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, teleconferencing was set to convince the world that it had matured to handle day-to-day business operations. But its true potentials were way beyond what users expected. The market had wonderful offerings such as Jabra Panacast, which aims to fast-track technological trends and adopt them into a simple tool. Without further ado, let us dive down at this new offering in teleconferencing.

Magical Set of External Features

If you take a keen look into the field of video conferencing, Jabra has it all. It combines a magnificent set of hardware and software to develop clear audio and videos. Topping the list are cameras and audio inputs.

Wide Vision and Smart Focus Cameras

The secret of videoconferencing equipment is to provide high-quality videos. Jabra’s set of cameras ensures dispersed workforce can remotely and clearly see what is happening on the other side.

The set comes with three in-built high-quality panoramic 4K video input cameras that provide extensive coverage of up to 180 degrees. This has probably helped its users overcome the major problem of poor video quality issues experienced in laptops’ webcams.

Supporting 13MP cameras are intelligence technologies that zoom on every individual’s face to ensure they are included in the conversation. The camera will automatically zoom out if more people join the meeting and vices versa. This guarantees that everyone is included in the conversation.

Jabra suggests a D-shaped table to reduce the distance between participants and the cameras. But you are free to operate within a radius of 11.5 feet from the camera for the intelligence zoom feature to operate optimally.

Camera location is essential to capture all your faces. Ideally, it should be at least three feet off the floor in case you are seated on an office chair. If you are standing, deploy the Jabra Panacast table as an alternative option to adjust the camera’s height.

For long-term use, screw the table stand on the wall. It should be fixed where the camera will capture as many people as possible, and audio quality is not distortable.

Speaking of the number of participants who may use Jabra Panacast, the company recommends a maximum of 6 users at ago. They should sit around a D-shaped table, each 8 feet away from the set, for audio and video clarity

HD Microphones

The challenge of overcoming inaudibility and sound distortion on the current virtual communication platforms requires software-supported microphones. Panacast two powerful microphones capture high-quality sound for effortless hearing.

Like the camera, the microphone’s effective range is within an 8 feet radius. With this, you can move around without worrying about distorting audio qualities.

Enhancing recorded sound quality is Jabra Direct- a wireless system that operates the microphone remotely. Users can mute, unmute or switch off the microphone at the comfort of their seats.

Jabra Direct is an easy-to-download software that runs, updates the firmware, and customizes setting on all Jabra devices.

Simple Plug and Play Set Up

One of the best-selling features of Jabra is its simplicity. Since the device is powered by USB 3.0, you don’t need to untidy your office with wires leading to power sources. Simply plug in the cable, switch on the device and commence the meeting.

What is more, the device connects to a hub or a docket that in turn connects to speakers, the internet, and TV.  This plug-and-play technology is all about simplicity and solidifies all connections to a one-cable interface, further cementing a positive user experience.

Jabra Speak 710 as a Side Accessory

For refined video and audio quality, Jabra Panacast is supported by Jabra Speak 710. This is a series of intuitive controls, multiple connectivities, and voice assistants compacted in one device.

It is powered by Bluetooth and connects to laptops and phones within a 100 feet radius. It is also portable, and you may adjust its location for better hearing within the conference room.

This, however, is one option Jabra uses to hide the major disadvantage of lack of speaker in Jabra Panacast, which can be overcome by using headphones.

Certified for Microsoft Teams and Compatible with all UC platforms

Microsoft Teams is a family of products and software for communication. Head Set Direct offers these products on their website for synchronized communication between workers and supervisors, instant emailing, and conversations.

Jabra Panacast being certified for Microsoft Teams means that its users can communicate efficiently using skype or Lynch Headsets.

Jabra Panacast Benefits

  • Host inclusive meetings

It is easy to host inclusive meetings with a patented video stitching ability and cameras. The three cameras will be engaged independently to ensure everyone within the field of view is highlighted.

  • Simple to use

The fact that Jabra supports work-from-home arrangements is already simplifying life. However, using the tool is simply to plug and play and doesn’t involve the luxury of IT experts.

  • Easy to customize

The synchrony between software and hardware allows you to customize the device. You may also adjust its height, seating position, and camera range. It blends well with tools, too, because it is certified to work with Microsoft Team

  • Great look

The optimization software balances camera activities and ambient light. This produces 4K videos despite working in poorly lit environments.

Summary of features

  • Two high-quality microphones
  • Three cameras 180 degrees field of view
  • Artificial intelligence zooming technology
  • 4K and 1080p pictures
  • Intelligence light optimization
  • Microsoft team certification
  • USB 3.0 power port and 3 feet cable
  • Compatibility with various tools

To sum up, Jabra is one of the most advanced videoconferencing tools on the market. It supports a multitude of side accessories, software, and settings that are customizable to users’ preferences. Get one of these remote working assets at Headset Direct.