Top 5 CompTIA Certifications of 2019

CompTIA certifications have unified different technologies by providing vendor neutral certifications to the candidates globally. Therefore, it has become one of the best certification providers accepted and acclaimed globally. So, if you are someone who is pursuing his career in anything related to computer systems, CompTIA certifications are here to help you out. Regardless of your career role that could be network administrator, systems engineer, software developer, security specialist, you can find a certification best suited for your job role and getting this credential will escalate your career advancements.

Also, the candidates with CompTIA certifications are easier to get hired since they have the right skills, knowledge, and a certificate to validate their aptitudes. Employers all over the world are ready to bag such professionals and there will be a never-ending stream of lucrative job opportunities.


So, if you have made up your mind and are ready to take that first step towards endless success through CompTIA certifications, do not waste your time. Here are the 4 most in-demand and prestigious CompTIA certifications that will brighten up your future.

Top 5 CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification is a learner’s course and requires little information in advance of PCs. This course is intended for candidates who have freshly done their engineering and are looking to work on PC. The project’s key feature is the way that it is impartial towards the innovations being educated and along these lines doesn’t look for sponsorship from them. Such organizations are the real IT players in the market today – Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and Novell among others. The certification is globally acknowledged and computer technicians seek it to get on the top of employers choice.

Prerequisites:A+ demands no prerequisites.

No of Exams: 2 (220-1001 and 220-1002)

Exam Fees:$170 USD per exam i.e. $340 USD

Average Salary:Average pay scale of A+ certified is$52K USD per annum.

Job Prospects:IT and Desktop Support Specialist, IT Support Technician,Technical Support Specialist, Systems Engineer, Desktop Support Technician, Technical Support Analyst, Systems Administrator, Field Technician, Service Technician, Information Technology Specialist, and Help Desk Specialist


CompTIA Network+ Certification


This certification is normally pursued after getting CompTIA A+ certification. However, it is not really a prerequisite and you can get CompTIA Network+ certification without A+ as well. Although it is preferred to get A+ certified first to understand the skills more gracefully. The certification gives one of the most comprehensive fledgling level networking related preparing and arrangements that are gotten from networking that IT industry brings to the table.


When the certification has been accomplished the client will have great learning of how to introduce, re-introduce, expel, keep up and direct the network for a little or medium size business endeavor. Investigating of such networks is likewise part of the certification. Network+ certification is certainly not implied for a product engineer however a decent, fundamental foundation in IT field is compulsory to comprehend the ideas given.

Prerequisites:It is preferred to get CompTIA A+ certified before applying for Network+. Also, a minimum of 1-year experience is required to pass the exam.

No of Exams: 1

Exam Fees:$319 USD

Average Salary:Individuals with Network+ certification make approximately$63K USD a year.

Job Prospects:Network Engineer, Network Administrator, System Technician, and System Administrator


CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is the basic Security certification anyone would have. It is one of the most skilled and world-class network security certifications there is. As per most market studies, all organizations are searching for coordinated, skillful and sharp network security officials in its Information Technology office. This implies if you have this certification, at that point finding a new line of work in the IT Network Admin jobs, as network security officials will be a lot simpler. As CompTIA Security+ certification teaches the ideal capabilities that are required to do the job.


Prerequisites:This is a basic level security certification and don’t have any prerequisite.

No of Exams: 1

Exam Fees:$339 USD

Average Salary:Security+ certified make around$95K USD annually.

Job Prospects:Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Security Architect, Information Security Analyst, and Forensics Investigator


CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

CASP or CompTIA advanced security practitioner certification is one of the most profoundly prized and exceptionally in-demand credentials in the market with regards to IT certs. CASP certification is given on comprehension of the hidden rationales of the accompanying key zones of Information Technology industry in its propelled stages including but not limited to Risk analysis, risk management, risk forecasting, andEnterprise security

The course like the recently referenced course is vendor-neutral as well and is called propelled security-related in light of the fact that the certified candidate will have the option to oversee little to medium size undertaking frameworks and PC networks. All the network and framework related issues that have to do with the IT business are secured under this certification.

Prerequisites:CASP certification requires a minimum of 5 years of security industry experience

No of Exams: 1

Exam Fees:$379 USD

Average Salary:Candidates who hold CASP certification make around $100K USDannually

Job Prospects:Information Security Manager, Cyber Security Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Cyber Security Engineer, Information Assurance Analyst, and System Engineer



CompTIA Server+ Certification

Candidates who want to work on server side seek refuge in CompTIA Server+ certification. Under this umbrella course, this identified with framework organization, for example, hardware, network, and processes like troubleshooting are instructed comprehensively and in detail. It is advised to get A+ certification before opting for this one to have adequate knowledge to pass the exam. In spite of the fact that this is simply a recommendation and if the need isn’t felt, the course can be drawn closer legitimately as well.

Prerequisites:A+ certification is suggested to pass Server+ exam easily. However, there are no mandatory requirements to sit in the exam

No of Exams: 1

Exam Fees:$294 USD

Average Salary:Candidates with Server+ certification make around $72K USDannually

Job Prospects:Server Technicians, Server Support, Network Engineer


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