The best DU JAT mock test papers and sample papers

DU JAT, also known as the Delhi University Joint Admission Test, is a national level examination held for admission to different courses such as Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs offered by 16 colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi.

The DU JAT is a highly competitive exam, and one needs to be prepared well to crack this competitive test. DU JAT mock test papers are quite helpful to the aspirants from the exam point of view and must be given by the aspirants to score well in the actual exam.

Here are some of the best online sources where you can buy the DU JAT mock test papers. All of them are considered as the best sites for mock test papers-


The best and exam level content leads to the best results, and Toprankers is listed as one of the best online sites where you can get the mock test papers for probably all the competitive exams. The Toprankers also provides the DU JAT mock test papers to refer to if you are a serious aspirant.

The Toprankers also give the first mock test free of cost that you can write to get an overall idea about its content level. It also provides the coaching packages for the DU JAT exam that you can go for if you wish to start from scratch.


Another renowned DU JAT mock test series source is Edugorilla, which has been in this field for years and is well known for providing exam level mock test papers and other exam-oriented content. The Edugorilla offers the mock test series that is based on the new pattern.

You will get the first DU JAT mock test paper to give for free of cost. You can also analyze by giving its first mock test and decide whether to buy its premium package or not.


The Hitbullseye mainly focuses on making available the best mock test papers to the aspirants. They keep updating their mock test every year according to the pattern of the exam. The DU JAT mock test papers should be exam-level because it’s a highly competitive exam, and its pattern is dynamic. For that, you need to buy the DU JAT mock test papers from legit sources, and Hitbullseye is one of them.

They also offer premium content and lots of free content that you can avail of by visiting its official site.

Importance of DU JAT mock test series-

If you are a competitive exam aspirant, you must know the importance of the mock test papers and why you should give at least ten mock tests before appearing in the exam. No matter it’s DU JAT mock test or any other competitive exam mock test, they all have the importance-

  • It gives you an idea about the level of the exam. Mock test papers’ level is a little bit higher than the actual exam, so that you are assured that you’ve prepared for the toughest.
  • It helps you analyze the weak area that needs to be worked on to avoid making mistakes in the actual exam.
  • It also gives you an idea about what questions are taking too much time and why and that way, you shall work on your time management and obtain the maximum marks.
  • The mock test papers are the same as the exam that creates pressure on you when you write it, and that helps you figure out how to give your best while being under pressure.

If it’s your first competitive exam, you need to give at least 10-15 high-quality DU JAT mock test papers before entering the exam hall.

DU JAT sample papers and last year question papers

The sample papers and the previous years’ question papers (PYQs) give you a blueprint of the exam’s level. The DU JAT sample papers and last-year question papers are important for an aspirant cause that give you the exact idea about the difficulty. Referring to 4-5 papers is considered essential for serious aspirants.

There is a chunk of sources available on the internet that give the DU JAT sample papers and PYQs papers. One of them is Visit that and get the sample papers.