Top 5 Trending Flutter UI Libraries in 2020

Assume, You cook breakfast every day in the morning. Now to cook breakfast, you need a lot of things. You need vegetables, proteins that can be chicken or eggs, and you need cooking oil. All of these normally you can get in your home and it is also the process of cooking that whole thing. Now suppose all your breakfast items would come to you in a box every day at your doorstep and when that all of the ingredients come to you in a unified manner you can call that a framework. Now put the same analogy in mobile application development.

Flutter is a software development kit and framework made on the language DART, developed by Google for the creation of 2D mobile applications. If you are trying to develop a 2D application for both Android and iOS, Flutter is a certain way to go. 

Flutter is a set of general tools that help you with the whole hybrid mobile application development process.

Here’s a look at some of the trending Flutter UI libraries in 2020 that works on both Android and iOS platforms.


  • Flutter Chart:


Introducing Data Visualization Widgets for Flutter. 

  • Flutter Chart is a powerful and engaging Flutter chart library that supports line charts, bar charts, and pie charts. It helps display statistics, stock prices, and different kinds of data analytics in your applications.
  • Flutter Charts package is a data-visualization library natively written in Dart.
  • Using the Flutter framework flutter developers create beautiful and high-performance charts for high-quality mobile app user interfaces for iOS and Android. 
  • Flutter Chart enables users to plot data and render customized chart models with seamless interactions and responsively smooth and creamlike animations.
  • Flutter charts are loaded in features, including functionality for providing Cartesian charts and Circular charts. 
  • Flutter charts are completely customizable and extendable, and their feature list will expand aggressively in upcoming updates. 


  • Liquid Swipe:


In the Android app, you can execute swipe to refresh by encasing your ListView(or GridView) inside SwipeRefreshLayout, while in iOS UI Refresh Control is used for the equivalent. Liquid swipe is the revealing clipper to bring off an astonishing liquid-like swipe to stacked Container. It is a sliding Flutter widget, based on the side to unlock function from multiple devices. Heavily customizable and flexible. 


  • Flutter BottomNavigationBar:


BottomNavigationBar is a material widget that’s represented at the footer of an app developed in Flutter, for choosing among a small number of prospects, typically between three and five.

  • The bottom navigation bar consists of multiple objects in the frame of text labels, icons, or both, laid out on top of a piece of the element. 
  • It furnishes quick navigation between the top-level designs of an app. For more substantial screens, side navigation may be a better fit.
  • It’s the default when there are less than four items.
  • The navigation bar’s background color defaults to the Material background color, essentially enigmatic white.
  • It’s assumed that each item will have a distinct background color and that background color will contrast well with white.


  • Flutter BeforeAfterImage:


If you like the theme, but wish to have it customized your way, you can use Flutter to do that. It is a pretty cool diff tool in Flutter, makes it more straightforward to display the differences between two images just by swiping over them.

BeforeAfterImage is a Flutter plugin for Stateful Widget Lifecycle and to create a Before-After view with stacked two images and give user experience about before and after view. You can easily use it by adding two images before image and afterImage values.

Features of BeforeAfterImage:

  • Landscape mode support.
  • Icon for a slider.
  • Tests



  • Flutter Giffy Dialogs:



Buffering and reloading these are the most irritating words when you are using an application. But with Flutter this is really charming and more interesting.


  • This Flutter package for a quick and handy giphy dialog.
  • An artistic and custom alert dialog for flutter highly inspired by FancyAlertDialog-Android.
  • The source code is 100% Dart, and everything remains in the /lib folder.
  • To animate a custom dialog box in dart so that when it pops up it create some animations. There is a library in the Android platform that is having animated dialog crates, is there any similar library in Flutter Sweet Alert Dialog.
  • Flutter AlertDialog and SimpleDialog is a widget that use to make a decision, enter information. It does not fill the entire screen. Its normally used for events that require users to take any action before they can proceed.
  • Exporting the Animated GIF Dialog Box and Animated GIFs are a portable format commonly used for exchanging short animations and clips in a pop-up dialog box.


For more fluid and attractive features, mobile app development companies are adopting Flutter. As well as it’s a new framework in the development market with a lot of astonishing features. In the future, Flutter will grab this development market that we can expect. Not only for its features but also for its charming appearance and performance.  

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