Reasons to choose Kotlin for your Android app development

The sudden uprise in demand of Kotlin is proof that developers are moving to Kotlin from Java. Many apps that have been successful are built with Kotlin and this is instating faith the language.

Since both Kotlin and Android are backed by Google, the combination is perfect. Android app development services using Kotlin will be highly compatible and will create some successful apps.

Java has become old and is very much prone to errors. This hampers the entire app development process. Even though the language used to be popular back in the days, now it’s just fading away. Kotlin has replaced Java in companies like Uber, Pinterest, Evernote, etc.

But that might not be enough to convince most people. So here are the reasons why Kotlin should be used in Android app development services.

Kotlin is interoperable with Java

The most loved thing about Kotlin is that it is interoperable with Java. The codes written in both can be called from either of the two. This means that you are shipping the same thing with both Java and Kotlin. This means that there is no fear of missing out when it comes to using Kotlin.

Kotlin is a well-developed language

It took 5 years to launch the final version 1.0 of the programming language. Initially the alpha version was launched and then later on the beta version. This programming language was being used to develop mobile apps even before the public release of the language. The latest version of Kotlin has a smooth functioning IDE plugins, is compatible with Java and is empowered by JetBrains.

Multiple platform support

Even if an app developer is not going for the Android app development, it is not an issue with Kotlin. iPhone app development is also supported by Kotlin as it runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It supports Java, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. and many other systems. The reason why this works is because Kotlin allows reusable coding which not only saves time but also saves from making any extra efforts.

Safer than Java

Kotlin is said to be not only easier but also safer than Java. Even though the vastness of Java makes it difficult to compare it with Kotlin, there is one fact that remains. Kotlin has an edge over Java as Kotlin was developed keeping in mind the improvements that Java needed. Working with certain features of Java are quite annoying for app developers and those features have been made easy or automatic in Kotlin.

An easy language

Unlike Java, which is quite complex to learn, Kotlin is easy to learn. For beginners who already know Java, it’s not going to take time to learn Kotlin. And that is how easy it is to learn Kotlin. The creators of Kotlin made sure that no other cost should be spent in learning the programming language.

So, these were some reasons why you should go for Kotlin for your Android app development. This programming language is even great for iOS app development as its multiple platform development languages. The app development cost is not affected by either of the languages which gives developers full freedom to choose what’s best for them.

It is also said that Kotlin might be the future of the app development industry, especially for Android app development. There are still many developments yet to be made and we are sure developers could not be more excited.

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