How to Convert Contact File from .csv to .vcf in a Professional Way?

I heard many times that when users need to move contact files maintained in CSV to VCF format, they face some difficulties. One of the common issues is separate VCF file for each contact in CSV file. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the user to manage so many VCF files on a single machine. Moreover, whenever it comes to import vCard to some other application or device, moving so many VCF files will be time-consuming. That is why, I am here and decided to let users know the best possible solution on How to Convert Contact File from .csv to .vcf in all scenarios.

CSV and vCard are the two famous file formats to store contacts. Every user saves all contacts either in CSV format or vCard. Now, when it comes to moving contacts from one application to another, VCF file format is the one that is more supported by the application. Thus, it makes the migration task easy for users. As compared to CSV file, vCard is supported by wide range of email applications (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), iCloud, iPhone, Android devices (Samsung, Motorola, etc.). Thus, when users need to move contacts from CSV file to some other application or device, it is necessary to convert it to VCF format. Now, the question is how to convert contact file from .csv to .vcf format. In order to get the answer to the same, simply go through the post below.

A Simplest Approach to Import CSV Contacts to vCard

Whenever it comes to conversion of CSV to VCF format, everyone starts looking some sort of manual or free solution. Therefore, here we have discussed both manual and professional solution for the same.

Limitations of Manual Solutions

No doubt, a user can convert CSV contacts to VCF format with the help of Windows contact import and export feature. But, this is not a reliable way of doing the same. However, the method discussed above has some limitations. It creates a separate VCF file for each contact in CSV file. In addition, it generates VCF file with version 2.1. that is not supported by iCloud. Moreover, managing large number of vCard on a single machine is also not easy. At that point, a user needs to look for some alternative solution to transfer contacts from CSV to VCF.

A Reliable Approach to Convert CSV Contacts to vCard

As the manual solution is never able to fulfill all requirements of users. Therefore, moving towards a professional tool is not at all a bad idea. CSV to vCard Converter for Windows is one such application that will help users in the same. It is one of the reliable application that let users convert CSV file to VCF format in a few number of clicks. Apart from this, a user can convert any number of contacts from CSV file to vCard without any restriction.

How Actually CSV to vCard Converter for Windows Works?

Now, you must be wondering how this software works in actual. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, download and install CSV to vCard Converter on the local machine
  2. Then, open the tool and click on the Browse button to upload desired CSV file
  1. After that, select CSV file from the local machine and click on the Open button
  1. As the CSV file is loaded successfully, the tool will generate an instant preview of contacts stored in the file. Hit the Next button to continue the transfer process.
  1. On the next screen, you can map CSV file attributes with vCard fields for accurate results. Click on the Add button
  1. After that, you have to select the desired vCard version that you want to create Then, check Single vCard for all contacts option if you want single VCF for all contacts
  1. Next, choose the destination location of your choice to save the resultant VCF file on the local machine
  2. Finally, click on the Convert button and start CSV to VCF conversion process.

This is simplest and smartest way of converting contact file from .csv to .vcf file. A user can customize the conversion process also as per his or her requirement.

Benefits of this Software

  • Option to merge all contacts in single VCF file
  • Create 3 versions for VCF file i.e., v2.1., v3.0., v4.0.
  • Allows to perform mapping of both CSV & vCard fields
  • Capable to convert 40,000+ contacts from CSV file
  • Supports all version of Windows operating system



Management of contacts is really difficult sometimes. Therefore, all contacts need to be managed properly. As almost every application supports vCard format, so moving CSV contacts to VCF format is the smart choice. After knowing how to convert contact file from .csv to .vcf, a user can access it on any compatible device or platform. Multiple ways of doing the same are explained in the post above.

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