How to Smartly Pack For a House Move

Packing the house is the core of a successful house move. Sadly, most of the house owners fail to understand its importance, and at the last moment, have to pay extra for the packing or end up damaging their precious items. As we know, relocation is a tedious job with so many thing to do at your own, you can’t really think about packing, one of the biggest job related to relocation, at the last moment. So, to make sure you are fully prepped up for the move, you need to emphasize on packing. In this post, we have compiled a perfect guide for how to pack smartly and prep up for the big house move. So, read it through, and get some helpful tips for your next move:

What packing supplies will you need?

You will need a variety of packing supplies and one of the primary items is packing boxes. You will need a range of packing boxes including:

  • Small boxes;
  • Medium boxes;
  • Large boxes;
  • Heavy duty boxes;
  • Wardrobe boxes.

You can use the boxes according to their size and pack like-wise items in them. These boxes can be arranged for free as well by visiting a local supermarket and requesting for the boxes. However, besides boxes, you will also need a range of packing supplies including

  • Packing tape;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Old newspapers;
  • Stretch wrap for furniture;
  • Marker;
  • Labels.

The quantity however will differ depending upon the type of property, but you will require same packing supplies for all types of properties.

How to pack smartly for moving a house?

Start early:

The golden rule of smart packing is to start early. Depending upon the size of your house and the amount of item inside, the packing time for one house to another may differ. However, whether it is a small house or a large one, you should always start packing in advance. Professional Interstate Moving Companies recommends packing one box a day two months prior to the move for large houses and one month for small houses.

Pack what you least need:

Our homes have all sorts of items and not every time we need everything we have. So, when it comes to packing, you must start from packing the rooms that you need the least. Non-seasonal items or items that are rarely used should be packed first and daily use supplies should be packed towards the end.

Declutter and focus on one room at a time:

You should just pack everything that you own. But, take out time and declutter your belongings. This will help you dump the excess items and minimize your moving size. Also, start with one room at a time, to avoid confusion and frustration.

Label the boxes:

Yes, labeling is important for an organized move. Without proper label, you will never be able to identify the boxes and unload them in the right room, without spending each one of them.

Hire the expert:

Last but not the least, hiring professional help can reduce your work to minimum. The expert movers can handle every house moving jobs, so you do not have to take the stress.

This is the ultimate packing guide that Best Moving Companies offer to you need for your next move.

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