Different Types of Moving Container and Its Benefits

Are you thinking about moving but confused whether hiring the movers or renting the moving container? If yes, then DIY moving with the moving containers is the best option for your move. It is because you can move on your own timeline without any tension. Additionally, you can save more on your moving costs than hiring the full time moving company. Aside, you can enjoy several benefits but choosing the right type container is highly important.

What is a moving container?

The moving container usually comes in several sizes. Most are weatherproof and steel frame boxes, which can be left outdoors for a long time during the relocation process. Containers typically come with the lock and key for additional security. The small size container can accommodate a room and half of the furniture. Large moving containers hold around 3-4 bedrooms worth of furniture. Based on your needs, you can rent several containers.

Reasons behind the popularity of moving containers

Moving containers are gaining more popularity in the moving industry because of the following reasons. Hence, thinking of renting the moving container for your next move will be a perfect option to save time and money.

  • Cost effective and budget-friendly way to move
  • Much cheaper than hiring the professional moving company
  • Renders customers more flexibility with their relocation timeline
  • Customer have a place to store their belongings before, after, and during the move

What are the different types of moving container?

Below mentioned are major Types of moving container accessible in the industry, which assist you when performing DIY moving.

Dry storage container

It is highly utilized for shipping dry goods, which do not need temperature control. Since these storage container movers come in various dimensions, which standardized by ISO, you can go with the size that fit your moving needs.

Flat rack container

This container type is highly suitable for heavy loads, which requires loading from sides of the top. It comes in 20 inches and 40 inches sizes. It is suitable for handling a variety of goods including large industrial parts and heavy machinery.

Open top container

It does not have solid roofs and has removable bows as well as weatherproof tarpaulin roof that can be secured with the ropes. It is ideal for carrying heavy items like machinery. Since its top is opened, you can carry materials of any height without any hesitation.

Refrigerated containers

It has a low-temperature controller and especially used for shipping perishable items such as vegetables and fruits for a long distance.

Open side storage container

This container is provided with doors, which can transform into open sides completely. Thus, it renders ample space for loading all sorts of materials quickly and easily.

Car carriers

This unit is specially made for shipping cars over long distances. It helps you move your car without the risk of being damaged.

Tunnel container

This storage unit offered with the doors on both ends of the container. Hence, it is extremely helpful in loading and unloading of the materials quickly.

Besides, plenty of containers are available in the industry, which is specially used for certain purposes. Your Cross Country Movers can help you select the best containers and enjoy a perfectly packed move.

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