The best online business ideas for 2021

The Internet is your playground if you are tech-savvy and eager to monetize your creativity and entrepreneurial spirits. Thanks to the web, it is easier than ever making your business ideas come true. Here are some of the most profitable for the year 2021.

Online trading

During the current and last year, we have all seen a tremendous number of people in lockdown start trading the markets. Many have made crazy profits thanks to currency trading, stocks trading, cryptocurrency speculations. 

Once you decide trading is your next second income source, make sure to check the broker review and find out what’s in store regarding trading conditions. 

Reselling items on eBay

With the economy becoming a trend, now is the time to start reselling second-hand items. Not to mention the fact there are always people looking for a good deal.

This activity requires low start-up costs. To get rolling the business, you can go to online flea markets or auction sites to find great deals on old items. It could be furniture, clothing or toys.

Although there are thousands of e-commerce sites, eBay remains the go-to-market for used items. Take advantage of the platform’s popularity in case you want to make money fast.

You can also use their auction model if you have a rare item – like a vintage record player or an old video game console. These items can fetch several hundred dollars if you attract a crowd of collectors.

If you have achieved a recurring source of income, try to earn extra cash by creating an online course to share your expertise and knowledge. Flea Market Flipper is a good example of a successful flipping business in this area.

Amazon FBA

If becoming an Amazon seller sounds good to you, sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon. It’s a program that lets you ask the e-commerce giant to manage your inventory, shipping, and customer service.

This is a great solution for new business owners who want an easy process for setting up their business.

However, beware that you will need to pay an execution and storage fee to join the FBA. The total cost may be more affordable than if you took care of these aspects yourself over the long term.


Dropshipping is one of the best business ideas you can start online if you want to make money online from home. Unlike a regular online store, you can run an e-commerce site without worrying about making products or managing inventory.

Instead, you will partner with wholesalers to have their products labelled under your brand. When someone makes a purchase, you’ll let the company know they need to ship their order to the customer.

With that, dropshipping is an affordable online business to start with. To set up a store, all you need is a website, a laptop, and access to wholesale supplier directories like SaleHoo and AliDropship.

Since most dropshipping stores sell similar products, be sure to distinguish your brand from the competition. Companies achieve this by narrowing their niche. For example, Mooshe Socks stick to only selling cute socks.