Best Restaurants at Cape May

Cape May stands out due to many different reasons. We have the immaculate seashores, promenade, and every one of the enhancements that make any coastline town worth visiting; however, this city also additionally has a rich history and a designed diversity like none other. It has many historic landmarks like the Congress Hall.


It was in the year 1976, the Cape May Historic District was recorded as a prominent one on the National Register of Historic Places. Having one of the nation’s biggest buildings of nineteenth-century confined structures, Cape May is New Jersey’s invaluable gem in the crown.


Be that as it may, it’s not only about the history here. This place is housed on an island in which three different regions share – Cape May, the Western side of Cape May and Cape May Point. But, one place that stands out here is the amazing eateries. Here are the topmost ones:


1)    Mario’s Pizza and Italian Eatery

Mario’s Pizza and Italian Eatery is one of the most popular original eateries in the city. Enjoy pizza options like Hawaiian Delight, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Bianca Pizza. Apart from this, you have a widespread menu of other categories such as appetizers, burgers, and calzones. Enjoy lovely desserts and Stromboli here and we highly recommend you try out the thin crust pizza.

2)    Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail is one of the most popular places in Cape May. It is situated in Congress Hall. It is a lively hangout place that has quite a rustic bar set up. It comes with a deck and fire pit set. The signature cocktails here are amazing and the bar food is quite cool too!

3)    The Blue Pig Tavern

You can be a guest at Congress Hall, or simply somebody passing by Cape May. All are welcome here for all types of meals. Right from breakfast, lunch and even dinner. The distinctive dining rooms here are a highlight of this lovely hotel. Tucked in a lovely corner of Congress Hall, this place has a history but in the present day, the exquisite menu completely makes for it.

4)    Jake’s Pizza Company

Well, there is no denying that a food experience can be complete without a pizza here. Jake’s Pizza Company serves an elaborate menu right from the classic serving to amazing elaborate options. Pick a pizza by the slice or simply pick any of the eight slice pizzas. Right from medium 14-inch pizzas to large 16-inch pizzas, you can pick your flavors and enjoy the most. Additionally, enjoy calzones and Stromboli here too!

5)    The Ebbitt Room

The Ebbitt Room is one of the fanciest eateries in Congress Hall.The Beach Plum Farm’s foods are supplied here, and they are quite amazing! Enjoy this place in the historic district and make the fullest of your Cape May experience.

Enjoy all the options and have an amazing experience right at Cape May. Make the most of your stay in this Cape May, New Jersey hangout.


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