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Fan Di'an is Director of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). He also serves as Chairman of China’s Art Museum Association, as well as a professor at China’s Academy of Art.


In addition to serving as China's national museum and housing 100,000 pieces of modern and contemporary art, NAMOC is also the main approving body for Chinese international cooperation projects nation-wide. Fan explained the museum's role in a 2008 interview with The Art Newspaper: “NAMOC is the national museum of this country, unlike Shanghai Art Museum, for instance, which is run by the local government. We are directly run by the Cultural Bureau, and NAMOC represents the Chinese government in international relations on contemporary art, so for instance if Shanghai wants to have an international exhibition we must approve it. Our mission is split into three types of work in the field of modern to contemporary art--firstly to develop Chinese contemporary art, secondly to build and protect a collection of related artworks, and thirdly to build foreign relations.[1]

International Relations

Fan oversaw portions of the cultural aspects of the Beijing Olympics games, and stressed his hope to enhance relations with the UK as the preparations for the London games progress. He explained: "I have paid a lot of attention to, and am studying, the development of museums as a part of cultural identity and cultural industry, especially in the UK. I am impressed by the way the Blair administration, over the space of several years, made culture an integral part of government policy. Before museums had no relation really to society as a whole. I am very interested to work and cooperate with international museums. I especially am interested in MOMA New York and Tate Britain.”[1]


In the same interview, Fan went on to discuss the Chinese government's approval of the plan to build a new NAMOC next to the famous Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium. “The building will be 80,000 m2, and will take 3 years to construct, with a preliminary budget of roughly RMB 1.2 billion (GBP 100 million).  We will still keep the old building as well,” Fan said. “The old building is an important structure in Beijing, it is one of the key structures of the new China, built in 1958. As you can see Chairman Mao Zhedong’s calligraphy is used for our official sign. The plan for the new NAMOC is an important plan, as the government has built new architecture for all the major sport and cultural institutions, such as the new library, etc, so now the government leaders want a new art museum, and they want it done quickly. It is their initiative,” Fan said.[1]

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